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Stasyuk Ihor

Stasyuk Ihor

By Stasyuk Ihor - Posted on 07 October 2010

Department of Quantum Statistics
Head of Department
Corr. Member of the Natl.Acad.of Sci. of Ukraine, Dr.sci., Professor
Brief info: 

Born on 23 September 1938 in Berezhany of Ternopil region. He graduated from Ivan Franko Lviv State University (1959). He holds the degrees of Doctor of Sciences (1986), of Professor (1987) and of the corresponding member of Ukr. Nat. Acad. Sci. (1995). Igor Stasyuk is the Head of Department for Quantum Statistics since 1986. He is author of about 500 papers in solid state theory and statistical theory of many-body systems. His major research interests cover systems with strong electronic correlations, phase transitions in complex crystals, ferroelectrics and molecular systems with hydrogen bonds, effects induced by external fields in crystals, ionic (protonic) conductors.

Scientific interests: 
Strongly correlated fermion ans boson systems, systems with hydrogen bonds, ferroelectrics, superionic crystals
Recent papers: 
Stasyuk I.V., Hera O.B. "Densities of states of the Falicov-Kimball model off half filling in infinite dimensions" Phys. Rev. B. v. 72, 045134 (2005).
Stasyuk I. "Phase Transitions in the Pseudospin-Electron Model." - In: Order, Disorder and Criticality, ed. by Yu. Holovach. – World Scientific, 2007, vol. 2, ch. 5, p.231-290.
Stasyuk I.V., Grygorchak I.I., Velychko O.V. "Intercalation induced electret effect in GaSe and InSe crystals: Experiment and theory" Ferroelectrics, , v. 362, 115 (2008)
Stasyuk I., Menchyshyn O. "Investigation of phase diagram of hard-core boson model with non-ergodic contributions" J. Phys. Studies, v. 13, 4707. (2009)
Stasyuk I.V., Levitskii R.R., Moina A.P., Slivka A.G., Velychko O.V. "Field and deformational effects in complex ferroelectric compounds". – Uzhgorod: Grazhda, 2009. – 390 p. (in Ukrainian).