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Maksymenko Mykola

Maksymenko Mykola

By Maksymenko Mykola - Posted on 07 October 2010

Department of Computer Simulations of Many-Particle Systems
Brief info: 

My research focuses on exotic states and phases which could occur in both classical and quantum many-body systems. These range from unconventional charge or spin arrangements in geometrically frustrated lattice structures to new topological and many-body phases in systems subjected to periodic driving, disorder or dissipation. Detailed understanding of these problems can provide answers to more fundamental questions such as: (1) what is the role of interactions in highly frustrated systems with strong kinetic constraints and what possible new states of matter and orderings could be obtained there, (2) how to classify novel topological phases in periodically driven systems, (3) how many-body localisation transition manifests itself in a system controllably coupled to environment, (4) what new non-equilibrium steady states can we achieve by a suitable design of the bath.

Most of my studies require the application of modern numerical techniques and therefore another aspect of my interests concerns a development of such modern computational toolbox allowing to quickly address and probe new open problems. 

The topics of my interests include:

- New topological phases in periodically driven (Floquet) systems: design and classification 

- Many-body localisation: a quest to higher dimensionality and coupling to the environment

- Constrained many-body systems and low-dimensional quantum magnetism 

- Neural Network physics

Computational toolbox:
- Tensor networks based methods

- Floquet codes with a KWANT toolbox.  

- Advanced Exact Diagonalization (ED) approaches.  

- Massively parallel Monte-Carlo methods.

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Scientific interests: 
quantum lattice models, strongly correlated systems, magnetism