Critical exponent of NiFeV alloy's for the ferromagnetic-paramagnetic phase transition

Uliana Buchko

Lviv Ivan Franko National University
A systematic study of the magnetic critical exponents has been made in Ni-rich NiFeV ternary alloys of compostions Ni77Fe7V16, Ni79Fe5V16 and Ni78Fe4V18 in the critical region of ferromagnetic to paramagnetic (FM–PM) transition through detailed AC-susceptibiltiy and DC-magnetization measurements. In all the alloys, we have found a well-defined critical temperature Tc below which the spontaneous magnetization increases with decreasing temperature. The critical exponents and critical amplitudes associated with the transitions are obtained. Their values show drastic changes from those of pure Ni [1].
This talk was a review of:
[1] G. Mukherjee, et al. Critical exponents of NiFeV alloys for the ferromagnetic–paramagnetic phase transition. J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 214 (2000) 185-194.