Ralph Kenna

Coventry University

Professor Ralph Kenna is a statistical physicist who specialises in critical phenomena and sociophysics. Born in Athlone, Ireland, on 27 August 1964, he completed his PhD at the Karl-Franzens-Universitat Graz, Austria, in 1993. Ralph Kenna was a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool (1994- 1997) and Trinity College Dublin (1997-1999) where he lectured until 2002. He joined Coventry University in 2002 where he co-founded the Applied Mathematics Research Centre. He founded the Statistical Physics Group at Coventry and is Co-Director of the ${\mathbb L}^4$ Collaboration (Leipzig-Lorraine-Lviv-Coventry). His research concerns the statistical physics of phase transitions and complex systems. Ralph Kenna has generated over 100 published papers, has given a similar number of presentations internationally, and been awarded over 1M in grant income. He is an editor for Condensed Matter Physics and Advances in Complex Systems as well as the Springer book-series Simulating the Past.
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Serhiy Sorokov

Institute for Condensed Matter Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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