Helena Zapolsky

Université de Rouen

Helena Zapolsky is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at Rouen University in France. She received her PhD degree in 1991 at Institut for Theoretical Physics in Kiev, Ukraine and at the University of Rouen. In 1992 she was invited to University of France as a Guest Researcher. Since 1996 Helena Zapolsky is working in the Group of Material Physics at University of Rouen. It was here that she completed her Habilitation in 2007. The research area of Prof. Zapolsky covers a broad spectrum of fundamental problems within theoretical solid-state physics. Her main research interest lies in theoretical understanding of the emergence of patterns formation and kinetics of phase transformation in different types of materials. Applying different mathematical and computational approaches to diverse problems in materials science she developed an original multi-scale tool to model the non-equilibrium dynamics in complex systems.
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