Condensed Matter Physics, 1995, No. 6, p. 155-195, English
Title: Reference system approach in the electron liquid theory
Autors: M.Vavrukh, V.Paslavskii, O.Blazhyewskii

The fundamentals of a reference system approach, which is a renormalized perturbation theory in the terms of n-particle correlation functions for the simplest system (reference system, are expounded in the theory of electron liquid. Functional representation of the partition function, thermodynamic and correlation functions, and one-particle characteristics for the electron liquid model are represented. The results of energy, structure and dielectric characteristic calculation in paramagnetic and superconductive states are given. Reference system approach has been used for the description of inhomogeneous electron system. Also it has been generalized on models, which are closely spaced to electron liquid model: two-sort fermion system model, fermion system model with a short-range repulsion potential of interaction between the particles, fermion system model with a manyparticle interaction potential, and so on.

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