Condensed Matter Physics, 1997, No 12, p. 173-187, Russian

Title: RADIATION SITUATION IN THE PREMISES OF THE "SHELTER" OBJECT (informational and analytical provision)
Authors: S.B.Kumshayev, Yu.O.Vasilyev, N.Yu.Kibkalo, Yu.K.Maximov, A.R.Spectorovski, K.P.Checherov (Analytical Center "Quality", Kiev)

High radiative background is a basic problem restricting
investigations on the "Shelter" object state and, thus, taking adequate measures to stabilize it and transform into an ecologically safe system. A lot of parameters of the radiation situation have been measured since the accident by numerous research teams with the help of various methods and equipment. The paper is dedicated to the generalization of this information and the review of the elaborated analytical software providing its handling and analysis.

Comments: Figs. 13, Refs. 36, Tabs. 1.

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