Condensed Matter Physics, 2000, vol. 3, No. 3(23), p. 577-595, English

Author(s): V.G.Morozov (Department of Physics, Moscow Institute of Radioengineering, Electronics and Automation 78 Vernadsky Prospect, 117454, Moscow, Russia)

Kinetic equations describing short-time evolution of the electron-phonon system are derived in non-Markovian Born approximation by the density matrix method. The approach presented in the paper differs from earlier schemes in that the interaction energy is treated as an independent state parameter on the same footing as the electron and phonon distribution functions. This introduces new correlation terms into the kinetic equations, which ensure the energy conservation and the existence of the correct equilibrium solution. An explicit expression for the time-dependent correlation energy is obtained.

Comments: Figs. 0, Refs. 10, Tabs. 0.

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