Condensed Matter Physics, 2003, vol. 6, No. 3(35), p. 365-374, English


It is a pleasure to be involved in the preparation of the festschrifts honoring the 60th birthday of our good friend and colleague Professor Myroslav Holovko. Myroslav Holovko was born in 1943 in a small village of Chernijiv located in a beautiful area close to the Ukrainian Carpathians. After graduating in 1965 from the Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Pedagogy he became a Ph.D. student at the Physics Department of the Lviv State University under the supervision of Professor Ihor Yukhnovskii. In 1969 Yukhnovskii became the head of Lviv Department of statistical theory of condensed states at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. From its early beginning the Lviv group experienced support and strong interest from another great Ukrainian -- N.N.Bogolyubov, who was at that time Director of the Institute for Theoretical Physics. Yukhnovskii's group was a fantastic place for young people to grow up as scientists. At that time the group consisted of talented, ambitious and very enthusiastic young scientists selected among the best students who graduated mainly, but not exclusively, from Lviv University. It is interesting to note that Hartmut Krienke, who celebrated his 60th birthday last July was also a member of the Yukhnovskii's group, although Krienke came to Lviv from Rostock (Eastern Germany). Thanks to the outstanding personality of Prof. Yukhnovskii, a warm and friendly atmosphere in the group was combined with exceptionally high research standards.

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