Condensed Matter Physics, 2004, vol. 7, No. 4(40), p. 793-804, English

Title: Application of a density functional approach to nonuniform ionic fluids: the effect of association
Authors: J.Reszko-Zygmunt, S.Sokolowski (Faculty of Chemistry, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, 20-031 Lublin, Poland)

In the present paper we discuss a density functional approach for nonuniform ionic fluids, which takes into account the existence of ion pairs. The theory is based on a fundamental measure theory of hard-spheres, the theory of Gillespie et al., which leads to a more accurate description of the electrostatic part of the grand potential as well as on Wertheim's association theory. The results of model calculations indicate that the inclusion of the associative term in the grand potential leads to the structure of the double layer, which differs from the structure evaluated by neglecting the association. These differences are important at low temperatures only.

Key words: adsorption, associating fluids, density functional theory
PACS: 68.43-h, 68.43.De, 71.15.Mb

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