Condensed Matter Physics, 2005, vol. 8, No. 3(43), p. 473-506, English

Title: Recurrence relations for the three-dimensional Ising-like model in the external field
  M.P.Kozlovskii (Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 1 Svientsitskii Str., 79011 Lviv, Ukraine)

The method for calculation of the partition function of lattice model for the magnet in the external field near critical point (CP) is proposed. The recurrence relations and their explicit solution near the critical point are founded. It is shown that dependence on temperature of thermodynamic functions near CP, when the field value comes down to zero, is in good agreement with the previous results obtained using the collective variable method. The phase transition temperature (when h=0) is calculated and the dependence on parameters of interaction potential is found.

Key words: Ising-like system, critical point, external field, collective variables, order parameter
PACS: 05.50.+q, 64.60.Fr, 75.10.Hk

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