Condensed Matter Physics, 2007, vol. 10, No. 2(50), p. 235248, English

Title: Nonequilibrium perturbative formalism and spectral function for the Anderson model
  M.Hamasaki (Department of Physics, Kyoto University, Kyoto 606-8502, Japan)

The present work is based on the nonequilibrium perturbative formalism. There the self-energies are derived up to the fourth-order. Consequently, it proves that the nonequilibrium(real-time) perturbative expansion can be connected with the Matsubara imaginary-time perturbative expansion for equilibrium.As the numerical results, the Kondo resonance still disappears for bias voltage exceeding the Kondo temperatures, as observed in experiments of two terminal systems.

Key words: nonequilibrium perturbative formalism, nonequilibrium Green's function, Kondo effect, Dyson's equation
PACS: 71.15.-m, 05.70.Ln

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