Condensed Matter Physics, 2007, vol. 10, No. 2 (50), p. 293-294, English

Title: 50th birthday of Yurij Holovatch

It is easy to write about Yurij Holovatch. As easy as to communicate with him, who is always open, friendly and sincere. It is hard to believe that he is getting 50, we would say, a mature scientific age, as some much younger colleagues could be jealous or dream about his easiness in perceiving novel ideas. On the other hand, his achievements in various fields of theoretical physics make us feel that Prof. Holovatch has been actively working in science considerably longer! More than 70 journal publications, about the same number of conference talks, a supervisor to a dozen of Ph.D. students, editor of six proceedings and scientific books speak for themselves. We are not going to reveal the secret of how he managed all this, but rather leave it for the reader to guess.

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