Condensed Matter Physics, 2009, vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 5-18

Title: Measures on two-component configuration spaces
  D.L. Finkelshtein (Institute of Mathematics of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, 3 Tereshchenkivs'ka Str., Kyiv-4, 01601, Ukraine)

We study the measures on the configuration spaces of particles of two types. Gibbs measures on such spaces are described. Main properties of corresponding relative energy densities and correlation functions are considered. In particular, we show that a support set for such Gibbs measure is the set of pairs of non-intersected configurations.

Key words: two-component configuration spaces, Gibbs measures, correlation functions, statistical mechanics in continuum, relative energies
PACS: 02.30.Cj, 05.20.-y, 82.20.Sb
Comments: Figs. 0, Refs. 16, Tabs. 0

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