Condensed Matter Physics, 2010, vol. 13, No. 3, p. 33002:1-29

Title: Integral equation theory for nematic fluids
  M.F. Holovko (Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 1 Svientsitskii Str., 79011 Lviv, Ukraine)

The traditional formalism in liquid state theory based on the calculation of the pair distribution function is generalized and reviewed for nematic fluids. The considered approach is based on the solution of orientationally inhomogeneous Ornstein-Zernike equation in combination with the Triezenberg-Zwanzig-Lovett-Mou-Buff-Wertheim equation. It is shown that such an approach correctly describes the behavior of correlation functions of anisotropic fluids connected with the presence of Goldstone modes in the ordered phase in the zero-field limit. We focus on the discussions of analytical results obtained in collaboration with T.G. Sokolovska in the framework of the mean spherical approximation for Maier-Saupe nematogenic model. The phase behavior of this model is presented. It is found that in the nematic state the harmonics of the pair distribution function connected with the correlations of the director transverse fluctuations become long-range in the zero-field limit. It is shown that such a behavior of distribution function of nematic fluid leads to dipole-like and quadrupole-like long-range asymptotes for effective interaction between colloids solved in nematic fluids, predicted before by phenomenological theories.

Key words: pair distribution function, integral equation theory, Maier-Saupe nematogenic model, Goldstone modes, colloid-nematic mixture
PACS: 05.20.Jj, 05.70.Np, 61.20.-p, 68.03.-g

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