Condensed Matter Physics, 2010, vol. 13, No. 3, p. 37003:1-3

Title: A brief account of Julius Planer's life and research
  R. Bilyy (Institute of Cell Biology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv, Ukraine; Danylo Halytskyi Lviv National Medical University, Lviv, Ukraine) ,
  A. Lutsyk (Danylo Halytskyi Lviv National Medical University, Lviv, Ukraine)

A brief account of the life and research activities of Julius Planer is presented. Professor Planer is a scientist who lived one and half century ago. However, his studies, in particular, during the years when he headed Department of Anatomy at Universität in Lemberg, nowadays known as the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv in Ukraine, were essential to a modern understanding of liquid crystals. While working at Lviv University, Planer also made several landmark contributions to biomedical science.

Key words: Julius Planer, liquid crystal, history of science
PACS: 01.65.+g

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