Condensed Matter Physics, 2010, vol. 13, No. 4, p. 43702:1-6

Title: On lattice oscillator equilibrium equation with positive infinite-range many-body potentials
  W.I. Skrypnik (The Institute of Mathematics, Tereshchenkivska Str. 3, Kyiv, Ukraine)

The symmetrized lattice Kirkwood-Salsburg (KS) equation for the Gibbs grand canonical correlation functions of the lattice oscillators, interacting via positive infinite-range manybody potentials, is solved. The symmetrization is based on the superstability condition for the potentials.

Key words: lattice oscillators, Gibbs grand canonical ensemble, superstability, Kirkwood-Salsburg equation
PACS: 71.38.-k, 71.38.Fp

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