Condensed Matter Physics, 2013, vol. 16, No. 1, p. 10002

Title: Note from Editors

Some of the papers contained in this issue of Condensed Matter Physics were presented at the conference "Statistical Physics: Modern Trends and Applications" (Lviv, Ukraine, on July 36, 2012,
see for more details) and in this respect they are a continuation of the former issue of CMP entitled "From Brownian motion to power of fluctuations", (Condens. Matter Phys., 2012, Vol 15, No. 4, Edited by B. Berche, M. Holovko, A. Trokhymchuk, V. Vlachy). These are:

  • "Density of one-particle states for 2D electron gas in magnetic field" (I.M. Dubrovskyi);
  • "How to solve Fokker-Planck equation treating mixed eigenvalue spectrum?" (M. Brics, J. Kaupuzs, R. Mahnke);
  • "Experimental observation of triple correlations in fluids" (M.Ya. Sushko);
  • "Fokker-Planck equation with memory: the crossover from ballistic to diffusive processes in many-particle systems and incompressible media" (V.V. Ilyin, I. Procaccia, A. Zagorodny);
  • "Nonequilibrium distribution functions of nucleons in relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions" (D. Anchishkin, V. Naboka, J. Cleymans);
  • "Conductivity and permittivity of dispersed systems with penetrable particle-host interphase" (M.Ya. Sushko, A.K. Semenov);
  • "Ground state of a spin-1/2 Heisenberg-Ising two-leg ladder with XYZ intra-rung coupling" (T. Verkholyak, J. Strecka);
  • "Dissipative particle dynamics study of solvent mediated transitions in pores decorated with tethered polymer brushes in the form of stripes" (Ja.M. Ilnytskyi, S. Sokolowski, T. Patsahan);
  • "Linear perturbation renormalization group method for Ising-like spin systems" (J. Sznajd).

The rest of the issue is composed by regular papers.

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