Condensed Matter Physics, 2014, vol. 17, No. 1, 12601:1-34
DOI:10.5488/CMP.17.12601           arXiv:1403.1491

Review Article

Title: Description of fluid-tethered chains interfaces: advances in density functional theories and off-lattice computer simulations
  S. Sokołowski (Department for the modelling of physico-chemical processes, Maria Curie-Sklodowska university, 33 Gliniana St., Lublin, Poland)
  Ja. Ilnytskyi (Institute for Condensed Matter Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 1 Svientsitskii St., 79011 Lviv, Ukraine)
  O. Pizio (Instituto de Quimica, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Circuito Exterior, Ciudad Universitaria, 04510, Mexico, D.F., Mexico)

Many objects of nanoscopic dimensions involve fluid-tethered chains interfaces. These systems are of interest for basic science and several applications, in particular for design of nanodevices for specific purposes. We review recent developments of theoretical methods in this area of research and in particular of density functional (DF) approaches, which provide important insights into microscopic properties of such interfaces. The theories allow to describe dependence of adsorption, wettability, solvation forces and electric interfacial phenomena on thermodynamic states and on characteristics of tethered chains. Computer simulations for the problems in question are overviewed as well. Theoretical results are discussed in relation to simulation results and some experimental observations.

Key words: tethered chains, polymer brushes, fluid, adsorption, wetting, electrolyte solutions, differential capacitance
PACS: 61.20.-p, 61.25.-f, 61.25.he, 61.25.Em, 68.15.+e, 68.43.-h, 68.47.Pe,

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