Condensed Matter Physics, 2015, vol. 18, No. 3, p. 33004
DOI:10.5488/CMP.18.33004           arXiv:1510.06536

Title: Thermodynamics and kinetics of solids fragmentation at severe plastic deformation
  A.V. Khomenko ( Sumy State University, 2 Rimskii-Korsakov St., 40007 Sumy, Ukraine ) ,
  D.S. Troshchenko ( Sumy State University, 2 Rimskii-Korsakov St., 40007 Sumy, Ukraine ) ,
  L.S. Metlov ( Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering named after O.O.Galkin of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 46 Nauky ave., 03028 Kyiv, Ukraine ; Donetsk National University, 21 600-richchya St., 21021 Vinnytsia, Ukraine )

The approach of nonequilibrium evolution thermodynamics earlier offered is developed. It helps to describe the processes of defect formation within the adiabatic approximation. The basic equations system depends on the initial defects distribution (dislocations and grain boundaries). The phase diagram is determined with the domains of the realization of different limiting structure types. The interaction effect of several defect types on the formation of limiting structure is investigated in terms of the internal energy. The conditions of the formation of two limiting structures are found. The kinetics of the steady-state values establishment of the defects density is investigated within the scope of the adiabatic approximation. The dislocations density change follows the evolution of the grain boundaries density in this approach. It is shown that grain sizes, in limiting structures, decrease with an increase of the elastic strains.

Key words: grain boundary, dislocation, phase transition, limiting structure, internal energy
PACS: 05.70.-a, 61.72.Bb, 61.72.Mm, 62.20.F-, 64.60.-i, 68.35.Md

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