Condensed Matter Physics, 2016, vol. 19, No. 3, 33004
DOI:10.5488/CMP.19.33004           arXiv:1512.04687

Title: Spectral properties of four-time fermionic Green's functions
  A.M. Shvaika (Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 1 Svientsitskii St., 79011 Lviv, Ukraine)

The spectral relations for the four-time fermionic Green's functions are derived in the most general case. The terms which correspond to the zero-frequency anomalies, known before only for the bosonic Green's functions, are separated and their connection with the second cumulants of the Boltzmann distribution function is elucidated. The high-frequency expansions of the four-time fermionic Green's functions are provided for different directions in the frequency space.

Key words: multi-time Green's functions, spectral relations, nonergodicity
PACS: 05.30.-d

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