Condensed Matter Physics, 2017, vol. 20, No. 1, 10101

Title: Correlations, connections, and physics in complex systems
  B. Berche (Université de Lorraine, Statistical Physics Group, Nancy, France) ,
  R. Folk (University Linz, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Linz, Austria) ,
  R. Kenna (Applied Mathematics Research Centre, Coventry University, England) ,
  O. Mryglod (Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv, Ukraine)

It is with great pleasure that we present, in this issue, a series of papers dedicated to the 60th birthday of Professor Yurij Holovatch. The broad spectrum of topics treated by the contributions reflect Yurij's comprehensive interests and his wide-ranging research. Thus, contributions range from papers on phase-transition theory to papers dealing with scientometric issues, from condensed matter theory to cosmological and astronomical problems.

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