PSSM Workshop on Liquid Crystals and Colloidal Dispersions


The PSSM Workshop will be webcast in real time. Presentations will be videotaped and then archived on the PSSM web page, all done in consideration of patent or publication restrictions. The videotaped lectures will be synchronized with Powerpoint and pdf-files of presentations posted on the PSSM web page for public access.

In order to use all available features of web casting (such as asking questions during the after-presentation discussions, etc) you need to register for the Workshop. The PSSM Workshop is open for general public and there is no fee associated with workshop registration. Please make sure to indicate that you will be attending off-site. We will send webcast instructions via email to you before the Workshop begins.

Worldwide Webcast Coordinator: Chris Twombly

For more information, contact Andrij Trokhymchuk

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List of Participants

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Workshop Location Guide

PSSM Photo Gallery

Workshop poster

Workshop poster

Important Dates

June 10, 2009:Final Program
June 22, 2009:PSSM Workshop


University of Colorado at Boulder Institute for Condensed Matter Physics Ivan Franko National University of Lviv


Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter