Citizens of EU, USA, Canada, Japan, and countries of former Soviet Union (except Turkmenistan) can visit Ukraine without visas. However, please contact your embassy or consulate for the most up-to-date information.

Getting to Lviv by plane

TO YOUR ATTENTION: According to the information that appeared only recently, Lviv airport restricts its activity starting from the beginning of April. The airport will be closed on Tuesdays. On the rest of days the available runway would be reduced allowing landing of small airplanes only. To elucidate situations with your flights you should contact respective airline companies, see also Please contact us if you need additional information about the train connection to Lviv. We are very sorry for inconveniences caused by this restriction.

You can fly to Lviv International Airport via Vienna, Warsaw, Munich, Frankfurt, Rome, Madrid, Kyiv, Moscow, and other european cities. You can find more details, including the names of the airlines, here.

Getting to Lviv by train

Travelling from Europe you can catch a train to Lviv from Prague, Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, and a few other european cities. Go, for example, here for more information.

Getting from airport/railway station to conference location

The Conference will be held in the main building of the Lviv Polytechnic National University, 12 St. Bandera Street (shortened as LPNU below).

We are planning to organize meeting of groups of arrived participants at the airport and railway station and their transportation to the conference/hotel location.

Useful information for individual transportation:

Arrival by train: In front of the railway station you may find a tram stop. Take the tram number 1 (ticket prise is 1 UAH) to the stop "Lviv Polytechnic". To reach the LPNU building you should cross the street.

Arrival by plane: there are two ways. The first way: you may take trolleybus number 9 (ticket prise is 1 UAH) to the stop "S. Bandery str.". Then on the corner of S. Bandery str. you may either go left to the tram stop to take tram number 1 (ticket prise is 1 UAH) to stop "Lviv Polytechnic" or go right to walk 10 minutes to the LPNU. The second way: you may take bus ("marshrutka") number 95 (ticket prise is 2 UAH), the bus stop is in front of the airport on the left side. You should get off at the stop on Kopernika str. near the Main post office. Then you should cross the street and go about 200 m. back to the tram station, where you should take tram number 9 (ticket prise is 1 UAH) to the stop "Lviv Polytechnic".

In any case you can use a taxi. NOTE, that taxi prise to LNPU main building from the airport should not be more than 50 UAH, while from the railway station taxi cost should not exceed 20 UAH.