Invited speakers

List of registered participants (in alphabetical order)

NameCountryPresentationTitle of the presentationAbstract
Andriy AndrusykUkrainePosterPiezoelectric resonance in Rochelle saltpdf
Tony J. G. ApollaroItalyOralManipulating and protecting entanglement by means of spin environmentspdf
Anna BadalyanUkrainePosterStatistical field theory of nonextensive systemspdf
Oleksandr BakaiUkraineOralThermodynamics of structured amorphous states: fluid, liquid, glasspdf
Leonardo BanchiItalyOralOptimal dynamics for quantum information transfer and effective entangling gate through homogeneous quantum wirespdf
Ostap BaranUkrainePoster Phase diagrams of spin-3/2 Blume-Capel model on rectangular lattice under longitudinal magnetic field pdf
Clemens BechingerGermanyInv. lectureThe force of fluctuationspdf
Viatcheslav BelyiRussiaPosterNon-Markov kinetic equation for quantum plasma with exchange interactionpdf
Bertrand BercheFranceNone--
Viktoria Blavatska Ukraine Poster Shape anisotropy of polymers in porous environment pdf
Alexey BondarevRussiaPosterMonte Carlo simulation of spin glass properties of amorphous rare-earth alloys
Thomas BoseGermanyPosterNoise and retardation effects in the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equationpdf
Igor BurmistrovRussiaPosterSpin and charge correlations in quantum dots: An exact solutionpdf
Iryna Bzovska Ukraine Poster Bistability and oscillatory behavior in heterogeneous catalysis: CO oxidation reaction pdf
Daniel CabraArgentineOralAnharmonic phonon effects in magnetic systemspdf
Alexander Chalyi Ukraine Oral Diffusion phenomena in confined liquids near the critical point pdf
Aleksei ChechkinUkraine/IsraelInv. lectureA few "paradoxes" of Levy flightspdf
Oleksandr ChepizhkoUkrainePosterThe kinetics of the order-disorder transition in the models of dynamic synchronizationpdf
Alina CiachPolandInv. lectureMesoscopic theory for inhomogeneous mixturespdf
Poster Effect of ions on critical phenomena in confined binary mixture pdf
Leticia CugliandoloFranceOralCooling rate dependencies across thermal phase transitionspdf
Oleg DerzhkoUkrainePosterExactly solvable random spin-1/2 XX chain with three-site interactionspdf
Tadeusz DomanskiPolandOralResidual diamagnetism driven by the superconducting fluctuationspdf
Arnaldo Donoso Venezuela Oral A brief review on energy recycling from thermal fluctuations pdf
Yuriy DublenychUkrainePosterStructures on lattices: Some useful relationspdf
Illia DubrovskiyUkrainePosterStatistical mechanics for rotating gaspdf
Cesur EkizTurkeyPosterExact results of the mixed spin-1/2 and spin-1 Ising model on a decorated Bethe latticepdf
Yulia EmelianovaRussiaPosterNon-identity in system of coupled elementspdf
Rıza Erdem Turkey Poster Static quadrupolar susceptibility for the Blume-Emery-Griffiths model pdf
Christian von FerberEnglandPosterStar copolymers in porous environments: scaling and its manifestationspdf
Reinhard FolkAustriaPosterLocalization transition in binary mixture with high mass asymmetrypdf
Niklas FrickeGermanyPosterA new technique for complete enumeration of self-avoiding walks (SAWs) on percolation clusterspdf
Andrea GambassiItalyInv. lectureSteering the critical Casimir effect: lateral forces, levitation, and dynamicspdf
Viktor GerasimenkoUkrainePosterOn quantum kinetic evolution of marginal observablespdf
Giuseppe GonnellaItalyOralSelf-propelled particles under shearpdf
Roman Grytskiv Ukraine Poster Molecular dynamics study of binary glass dynamics pdf
Ghennadii GubceacMoldovaPosterImpact of asymmetry on phase transitions in the presence of an intermediate metastable statepdf
Khristine Haydukivska Ukraine Poster Conformational transitions in semiflexible polymers pdf
Stepan HlushakUkrainePosterModelling speciation in nitric acid solutions assessed using the Binding Mean Spherical Approximationpdf
Taras Holovatch United Kingdom Poster Exploration of a radial bus system: Modelling and optimisation pdf
Yurij HolovatchUkraineNone--
Fred Hucht Germany Poster Aspect-ratio dependence of thermodynamic Casimir forces pdf
Yosyp Humenyuk Ukraine Poster Transport coefficients of a dense fluid mixture with multistep interaction between particles pdf
Vasyl' Ignatyuk Ukraine Poster Coherence, decoherence, and memory effects in the problems of quantum surface diffusion pdf
Jaroslav Ilnytskyi Ukraine Poster Computer simulations of a self-assembly of liquid crystalline dendrimers pdf
Yoseph ImryIsraelInv. lectureSlow relaxation and aging in electron glasses distance matrix descriptionpdf
Dmytro IvaneykoGermanyPosterMagneto-sensitive elastomers in a homogeneous magnetic field: a regular rectangular lattice modelpdf
Wolfhard Janke Germany Oral Worms exploring geometrical features of phase transitions pdf
Robert Juhasz Hungary Poster Dynamics at barriers in bidirectional two-lane exclusion processes pdf
Gerhard KahlAustriaInv. lecturePredicting ordered equilibrium structures for patchy particlespdf
Yurij Kalyuzhnyi Ukraine Poster Resummed thermodynamic perturbation theory for central force associating potential. Multi-patch models pdf
Jevgenijs Kaupuzs Latvia Poster Power laws and critical exponents in n-vector models pdf
Iryna Kavalets Ukraine Poster Gini index for measuring the statistical heterogeneity pdf
Ralph Kenna England Oral Critical mass and the dependency of research quality on group size pdf
Dmytro KharchenkoUkrainePosterStochastic effects at pattern formation processes during ion-beam putteringpdf
Jana KiššováSlovakiaPosterThermodynamic properties of the spin-1/2 Ising-Heisenberg model on a triangle-hexagon latticepdf
Ivan Klevets Ukraine Poster Features of dynamical properties of liquid polyvalent metals near melting point: ab initio molecular dynamics study pdf
Petro KostrobijUkrainePosterChemical potential of semi-infinite jelliumpdf
Istvan KovacsHungaryPosterEntanglement entropy of the random transverse-field Ising model in higher dimensionspdf
Pavlo KozakUkrainePosterThe equation of state of the n-vector modelpdf
Yuri Kozitsky PolandPoster Quenched thermodynamic states of the Ising model on random graphs pdf
Mykhailo Kozlovskii Ukraine Poster The equation of state of the n-vector modelpdf
Oleksandr Kramar Ukraine Poster Ferromagnetism in spin subsystem hybridized with conduction band in Anderson-Hubbard-type model pdf
Ivan Kravtsiv Ukraine Poster Field theoretical approach for a nematic fluid: beyond the Maier-Saupe theory pdf
Valery KrivnovRussiaPosterLow-temperature properties of frustrated classical spin chain near the ferromagnet-helimagnet transition pointpdf
Taras KrokhmalskyyUkrainePosterMagnetization processes at low temperatures for two frustrated quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnetspdf
Vladimir KulinskiiUkrainePosterGlobal isomorphism between the Lennard-Jones fluids and the Ising modelpdf
Vyacheslav Kuporov Ukraine Poster Mutual diffusion and ionic conductivity in multicomponent liquids pdf
Jan KurzidimAustriaPosterSlow dynamics of colloids in porous media: the roles of confinement and cagingpdf
Roman LevitskiiUkrainePosterDielectric, piezoelectric and elastic properties of quasione-dimensional Cs(H1-xDx)2PO4 ferroelectricspdf
Bohdan Lisnii Ukraine Poster Spin-1/2 asymmetrical diamond Ising-Heisenberg chain pdf
Krystyna Lukierska-WalasekPolandPosterEverything about statistics of the Ising modelpdf
Pádraig Mac Carron England Poster Mythological Networks pdf
Martin Magiera Germany Poster Magnetic friction in the Heisenberg model - Stokes to Coulomb pdf
Paul MahlaichukUkrainePosterContribution of H-bond vibrations to the heat capacity of waterpdf
Reinhard MahnkeGermanyOralPower laws and skew distributionspdf
Mykola Maksymenko Ukraine Poster Localized states on triangular traps and low-temperature properties of some strongly correlated lattice models pdf
Poster Transition to ferromagnetic ground-states on the two-dimensional Tasaki-Hubbard model pdf
Bohdan Markiv Ukraine Poster Collective modes in a dusty plasma pdf
Bogdan MarkovychUkrainePosterTwo-particle electron correlation function of semi-infinite jelliumpdf
Valentina MatskevychUkrainePosterBiaxial nematic liquid crystals: Green functions and polarization features of acoustic wavespdf
John McCabeUSANone--
Roman Melnyk Ukraine Poster Vapour-liquid phase diagram of long-range Yukawa fluids pdf
José Fernando MendesPortugalInv. lectureBootstrap percolation on complex networks pdf
Monika Möddel Germany Poster Comparison of grafted and non-grafted polymer adsorption in different ensembles pdf
Dominique MouhannaFranceOralNonperturbative renormalization group approach to polymerized membranespdf
Olesya Mryglod Ukraine Poster An attempt of scientometric analysis of Chornobyl-related papers pdf
Taras MysakovychUkrainePosterBose-Fermi-Hubbard model: pseudospin operator approachpdf
Morteza Nattagh NajafiIranPosterThe application of SLE(k,r) on the critical interfaces in statistical modelspdf
Ivo Nezbeda Czech Republic Oral Generalized excluded volume: Its origin and effects pdf
Igor Omelyan Ukraine Poster Multiple time scale molecular dynamics of complex fluids pdf
Gleb OshaninFranceOralDynamics in disordered media: Applications to biophysics, mathematical finance and etcpdf
Florentin PaladiMoldovaPosterImpact of asymmetry on phase transitions in the presence of an intermediate metastable statepdf
Vasyl Palchykov Finland Poster Entropic equation of state and scaling functions for spin models on scale-free networks pdf
Francesco Parisen Toldin Germany Poster Improvement of Monte Carlo estimates with finite-size scaling at fixed phenomenological coupling pdf
Oksana Patsahan Ukraine Poster Gas-liquid phase behavior of ionic fluids pdf
Natalia PavlenkoUkrainePosterInterstitial Fe-Cr alloys: tuning of magnetism by nanoscale structural control and by implantation of nonmagnetic atomspdf
Jiří PešekCzech RepublicPosterQuasistatic heat processes in mesoscopic non-equilibrium systemspdf
Orest PizioMexicoPosterStructural and thermodynamical properties of the restricted primitive model electrolyte in a mixture with uncharged hard spheres. A grand canonical Monte Carlo simulation and integral equation study. pdf
PosterAdsorption of the restricted primitive model electrolyte mixed with uncharged hard spheres in disordered porous media. Gcmc simulations and integral equations.pdf
Vladislav Pokorny Czech Republic Poster Vertex corrections to the electrical conductivity of the Falicov-Kimball model pdf
Denis PolishchukUkrainePosterOn origin of correlations in infinite-particle Bose and Fermi systemspdf
Ihor PylyukUkrainePosterMethod of calculating the free energy of a 3D Ising-like system taking into account the correction for the interaction potential averagingpdf
Roman Romanik Ukraine Poster The order parameter and susceptibility of a 3D Ising-like system in an external field pdf
Wojciech RzyskoPolandPosterPhase behavior of heteronuclear rigid trimerspdf
Vasyl Sakhnyuk Ukraine Poster The influence of the barrier transparency on the stationary properties of superconducting junctions of SIS-type pdf
Alexey SavinRussiaOralThe critical behavior of Hamiltonian type in driven and coupled dissipative systemspdf
Antonio Scala Italy Oral Patchy depletion interactions pdf
Poster Langevin Brownian dynamics simulation of Hard Spheres pdf
Yaroslav Shchur Ukraine Poster Lattice dynamics model of hydrogen-bonded crystals of KDP-type pdf
Mykola Shpot Ukraine Poster Thermodynamic Casimir effect in isotropic and anisotropic systems pdf
Valeriy ShvetsUkrainePosterThermodynamical metallization parameters of heliumpdf
PosterEquation of state for extrasolar giant planetspdf
Pavlo ShygorinUkrainePosterSounds in the dilute condensed Bose-gaspdf
Frantisek Slanina Czech Republic Poster Variational approach to the spectra of sparse random matrices pdf
Oleksii SliusarenkoUkrainePosterTwo approaches to description of fractional Brownian motionpdf
Yurii SlyusarenkoUkrainePosterPropagation of relativistic charged particles in ultracold atomic gases with Bose-Einstein condensatespdf
Volodymyr Shmotolokha Ukraine Poster Hard convex body fluids in random porous medium pdf
Alexander Sokolovsky Ukraine Poster Hydrodynamics of two-component liquids taking into account relaxation phenomena pdf
Sergey Sokolovsky Ukraine Poster To phonon hydrodynamics in a crystalline solid pdf
Stefan SokolowskiPolandPosterDensity functional theory of adsorption on surfaces modified with tethered brushespdf
Serhiy Sorokov Ukraine Poster Longitudinal dielectric, piezoelectric and elastic properties of the K1-x(NH4)xH2PO4 type mixed crystals. Simple model pdf
Aleksander StanislavskyUkraineOralSubdiffusion with a time-dependent force: the case of under- and overshooting subordinationpdf
Ihor Stasyuk Ukraine Oral Thermodynamics and dynamics of the two-state Bose-Hubbard model in the effective pseudospin representation pdf
Roman Stetsiv Ukraine Poster Dielectric and superfluid-like states of one-dimensional ionic Pauli conductor pdf
Poster Dynamic properties of quasi-one-dimensional structures with hydrogen bonds pdf
Jozef StrečkaSlovakiaOralWeak-universal critical behavior in the exactly solved mixed-spin Ising modelpdf
Anton StupkaUkrainePosterHydrodynamic waves in external fluctuating fieldpdf
Anton Surda Slovakia Poster Statistical mechanics of traffic flow pdf
Jozef Sznajd Poland Oral On the search for a Lifshitz critical point in UPd2Si2 pdf
Alessandro TaloniIsraelPosterGeneralized elastic model: Fractional dynamics representation and beyondpdf
Mykhailo Tokarchuk Ukraine Poster Nonequilibrium statistical operator method in Renyi statistics pdf
Myroslava TopilkoUkrainePosterMagnetocaloric effect and magnetic cooling in the spin-1/2 XX chain with three-site interactionspdf
PosterMany-fermion dynamic structure factors of the spin-1/2 XX chain with the three-site interactions of XZY-YZX typepdf
Petro Trokhimchuck Ukraine Poster Relaxed optics: Present and future pdf
Andrij Trokhymchuk Ukraine Poster On the novel concept to an augmented van der Waals theory of the vapor-liquid equilibria pdf
Zhanna TsvirUkrainePosterGeneralized quantum kinetic equation for interacting particles with quantum statisticspdf
Zoryana UsatenkoUkrainePosterUniversal amplitude in density-force relations for polymer chains in confined geometriespdf
Ruggero VaiaItalyPosterTime dependent spread of a generic 1D wavepacketpdf
Oleg VasilyevGermanyOralCritical Casimir forces for different boundary fields obtained by Monte Carlo simulation: crossover from repulsion to attractionpdf
Andrij Vasylenko Ukraine Poster Nonequilibrium statistical hydrodynamics of ionic systems with taking into account polarization processess pdf
Andriy Vdovych Ukraine Poster Dielectric, piezoelectric and elastic properties of quasione-dimensional Cs(H1-xDx)2PO4 ferroelectrics pdf
Oleh Velychko Ukraine Oral Thermodynamics and dynamics of the two-state Bose-Hubbard model in the effective pseudospin representation pdf
Taras VerkholyakUkrainePosterThe two-component BCSOS model of surface as a dimerized quantum spin-1/2 chainpdf
Pascal Viot France Oral Heterogeneous granular motors pdf
Yulian Vysochanskii Ukraine Poster Theoretical prediction and experimental evidence of Blume-Emery-Griffiths phase diagram in uniaxial Sn2P2S6 ferroelectrics pdf
Hans WeberSwedenPosterLatent heat of a traffic modelpdf
Tomasz Wydro France Poster Lattice model of liquid crystalline structures with spontaneously broken chiral symmetry pdf
Vasyl YanishevskyUkrainePosterUse methods of statistical physics in optimization problemspdf
Olga YushchenkoUkrainePosterStatistical field theory of nonextensive systemspdf
Oles ZaburannyiUkrainePosterStrong-interaction approximation for transfer-matrix methodpdf
Ihor ZachekUkrainePosterLongitudinal and transverse dielectric, piezoelectric, elastic, dynamic, and thermal properties of the Rochelle salt NaKC4H4O6▪4H2Opdf
Ivan Zadvornyak Ukraine Poster Two-particle electron correlation function of semi-infinite jellium pdf
Helena ZapolskyFranceInv. lectureFrom atomistic to mesoscale description of phase transitionspdf
Tatyana ZhylenkoUkrainePosterInvestigation of hierarchical condensation conditions near phase equilibriumpdf