The Workshop proceedings will be published in JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS and CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS



  • L.Didukh, O.Kramar, Yu.Skorenkyy. Ferromagnetic ordering in a generalized Hubbard model
  • L.Didukh, V.Hankevych. Pressure-temperature phase diagram of generalized Hubbard model with correlated hopping at half-filling
  • M.Dudka, R.Folk, Yu.Holovatch. On the critical behaviour of random anisotropy magnets
  • J.K.Freericks, T.P.Devereaux. Non-resonant Raman scattering through a metal-insulator transition: an exact analysis of the Falicov-Kimball model
  • O.I.Gerasimov, V.A.Idomskyy. Compaction of granylar graphite in vertikally vibrated container within the restricted geometry
  • Z.Gurskii, J.Krawczyk. Ab initio derivation of interatomic interactions in transition metals
  • A.Kiselev, O.Yaroshchuk, Yu.Zakrevskyy, A.Tereshchenko. On biaxiality of photoinduced structures in azopolymer films
  • E.Lomba, F.Lado, J.J.Weis. An integral equation approach to orientational phase transitions in two and three dimensional disordered systems
  • H.Okajima, T.Kawamura, C.Kongo, Y.Hiwatari, N.Urakami, R.Hayashi, K.Kato. Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics studies for the color rewritable films
  • I.V.Pylyuk, M.P.Kozlovskii. 3D Ising system in an external field. Recurrence relations for the asymmetric r6 model
  • Ch.-P.E.Varsamis, A.Vegiri, E.I.Kamitsos. A Molecular Dynamics Study of Li-doped Borate Glasses
  • I.V.Stasyuk, K.V.Tabunshchyk. Pseudospin-electron model in the self-consistent gaussian fluctuation approximation
  • A.M.Shvaika. Strong coupling Hartree-Fock approximation in the dynamical mean-field theory
  • Yu.K.Rudavskii, G.V.Ponedilok, L.A.Dorosh. Electronic states density and spectrum of disordered s-d model
  • Yu.Rudavskii, G.Ponedilok, Yu.Petriv. Some aspects of tight-binding approach in chemisorption theory
  • A.Duviryak, A.Nazarenko, V.Tretyak. Classical relativistic system of N charges. Hamiltonian description, forms of dynamics, and partition function



  • R.H.Anderson, M.D.Miller. The properties of thin 3He-4He superfluid films
  • T.Kahlbaum. The reduced distribution functions for charged particles with many-body interactions
  • M.F.Lednei, I.P.Pinkevich, T.J.Sluckin. Light scattering by filled liquid crystals in anomalous-diffraction approach
  • K.Miyazaki, G.Srinivas, B.Bagchi. The Enskog theory for self-diffusion coefficients of simple fluids with continuous potentials
  • Xiao-jun Li, M. Schick. Self-assembly of copolymers and lipids
  • P.P.J.M.Schram, G.J.F. van Heijst, T.S.Krasnapolskaya, S.A.Trigger. Models for stress distribution in sandpiles
  • V.Reshetnyak, S.Subota. Self-action of a Gaussian beam in a nematic liquid crystal cell
  • O.V.Patsahan, R.S.Melnyk, M.P.Kozlovskii. Non-universal critical properties of a symmetrical binary fluid mixture
  • O.F.Batsevych, I.M.Mryglod, Yu.K.Rudavskii, M.V.Tokarchuk. Hydrodynamic excitation spectrum and time correlation functions for the multicomponent mixtures of magnetic and nonmagnetic particles
  • V.I.Kapko, M.F.Holovko. Associative electrolyte solution near the charge hard wall. Density, charge polarization and potential profiles
  • D.T.Wassan, A.Nikolov, A.Trokhymchuk, D.Henderson. Collodal suspensions confined to the film: local structure and film stability
  • M.Zoppi, M.Celli, U.Bafile, E.Guarini, M.Neumann. On the microscopic structure of liquid hydrogens
  • V.V.Ignatyuk Short-wavelength asymptotics of time correlation functions
  • E.V.Vakarin, M.F.Holovko, J.P.Badiali. Adsorbate-induced melting of ``soft'' surfaces
  • Yu.G.Medvedevskikh. Flory method and Pietronero's conception
  • Yu.G.Medvedevskikh. Thermodynamics of conformation and deformation of linear polymeric chains in solution


Special issue of "J. Mol. Liq."

  • K.A.Chalyi, K.Hamano, A.V.Chalyi. Correlating properties of a simple liquid at criticality in a reduced geometry.
  • O.Yaroshchuk, Yu.Reznikov, Y.-S.Choi, S.-B.Kwon. Electrooptical properties of filled chiral nematics.
  • M.F.Lednei, I.P.Pinkevich, V.Yu.Reshetnyak, T.J.Sluckin. Rayleigh-Gans theory of light scattering by liquid crystals filled with cylindrical particles.
  • V.Reshetnyak, O.Shevchuk. Operating voltage in the inplane-switching of nematic liquid crystals.
  • M.F.Holovko, S.Kondrat. Correction of Landau-Ginzburg models with continuous microscopic approach for self-assembling systems.
  • T.Patsahan, A.Trokhymchuk, M.F.Holovko. The structure and dynamical properties of fluid in porous media from molecular dynamics and replica integral equations approach.
  • T.Bryk, I.Mryglod. Origin of kinetic collective modes in pure and binary liquids.
  • Yu.V.Kalyuzhnyi, M.Yu.Druchok. Structure of a 3-component polyelectrolyte solution model with dimerizing counterions and coions.
  • Yu.V.Kalyuzhnyi, C.-T.Lin, G. Stell, A.Yethiraj. Structural and thermodynamic properties of a freely-joined Yukawa hard-sphere chain fluid.
  • I.P.Omelyan, D.Ben-Amotz. Chemical potentials of chains solutes in hard body fluids.
  • O.V.Derzhko,V.M.Myhal. Nucleation phenomena in a nonuniform atomic fluid in the electrical field.
  • J.M.Ilnytskyi, M.R.Wilson. Molecular models in computer simulation of liquid crystals.
  • D.Henderson. Simulation and Theory of the Electrochemical Double Layer for Strong Ionic Interactions.
  • M.Muller, K.Binder, E.V.Albano. Phase diagram of polymer blends in confined geometry.
  • A.-L.Rollet, M.Jardat, J.-F.Dufreche, P.Turq, D.Canet. Multiscale dynamics in ionic media.
  • W.Schroer. Generalization of the Kirkwood-Frolich theory of dielectric polarization of ionic fluids.

Last modified: January 16, 2001.