of the Workshop
"Modern Problems of Soft Matter Theory"

Lviv, August 27-31, 2000




Monday, August 28, 2000

Morning Plenary Session 9:30 - 13:30


Session Chairmen: D.Henderson, I.O.Vakarchuk
9:50-10:20  I.R.Yukhnovskii, Lviv-Kyiv, Ukraine
Lviv school of statistical physics: history and perspectives
10:20-10:50  G. Stell, Stony Brook, USA
Globally accurate theory of structure and thermodynamics
10:50-11:20 J. Barthel, Regensburg, Germany
H. Krienke, and R. Neueder
Modern aspects of electrolyte solution chemistry
11:20-11:45 Coffee Break
Session Chairmen: G.Stell, I.R.Yukhnovskii
1:45-12.15 P.Cummings, Knoxwille, USA
Molecular simulations of reversed micelles in supercritical carbon dioxide
12:15-12:45 I.O.Vakarchuk, Lviv, Ukraine
Magnetic Bose liquid
12:45-13:15 P.A. Monson, Amherst, USA
Recent progress in modeling adsorption in disordered porous materials
13:20-14:30 Lunch
Afternoon Plenary Session 14:30 - 19:00
Session Chairmen: J.Barthel, P. Cummings
14:30-15:00  M.F.Holovko, Lviv, Ukraine
On the statistical theory of ionic fluids for the last fifty years: from old to new problems
15:00-15:30  M. Müller, Mainz, Germany
Phase diagram of polymer blends in confined geometry
15:30-16:00 L. Blum, Rio Pedras, USA
A hierarchy of theories for fluids based on ring sum diagrams
16:00-16:30 K. Heinzinger, Mainz, Germany
M. Kiselev, T. Kerdcharoen, and S. Hannongbua
Molecular dynamics simulations of supercritical ammonia and metal-ammonia solutions
16:30-16:55 Coffee break
Session Chairmen: F.Hirata, M.Zoppi
16:55-17:25 I.M. de Schepper, Delft, The Netherlands
Viscosity and diffusion in concentrated systems
17:25-17:55 A.V. Chalyi, Kyiv, Ukraine
K.A. Chalyi, L.M. Chernenko, and A.N. Vasil'ev
Critical behavior of confined systems
17:55-18:25 R. Folk, Linz, Austria
Critical transport and critical scattering in fluids
18:25-18:55 I. Mryglod, Lviv, Ukraine
Concept of generalized collective modes in theory of liquids
19:20-21:30 Get-Together Party
Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Morning Plenary Session 9:00 - 13:30

Session Chairmen: A.P.Shpak, P. Turq
9:00-9:30 D.T. Wasan, Chicago, USA
A.Nikolov, A. Trokhymchuk, and D. Henderson
Colloidal suspensions confined to the film: Local structure and film stability
9:30-10:00 L.A. Bulavin, Kyiv, Ukraine
O.D. Alekhin, and V.P. Kopylchuk
Neutron investigations of ions influence on critical phenomena of stratification
10:00-10:30 P. Piotrowiak, Newark, USA
T. Schatz, S. Hore, and R. Kobetic
Solvation of charge transfer excited states in non-aqueous solutions of electrolytes and in mixed solvents
10:30-11:00 L.Lee, Oklahoma, USA
Yu.Kalyuzhnyj, Yu.Duda, P.D.Ting, W.G.Chapman
Structure and thermodynamic properties of fused-sphere chains based on an accurate self-consistent
integral equation theory
11:00-11:20 Coffee break
Session Chairmen: I.V.Stasyuk, D.Wasan
11:20-11:50 A.P.Shpak, Kyiv, Ukraine
Cluster srtucture of liquid metals
11:50-12:20 P. Turq, Paris, France
M. Jardat, A.-L. Rollet, and J.-F. Dufrêche
Multiscale dynamics in ionic media
12:20-12:50 A.S. Bakai, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Heterophase fluctuations in glass-forming liquids
12:50-13:20 D. Ben-Amotz, W.Lafayette, USA
Global quantitation of chemical reaction thermodynamics in solutions
13:20-14:30 Lunch
14:30-18:30 Afternoon Sessions 14:30 - 18:40
       Section I. Complex & Self-Assembling  Fluids (14:30-18:35)
Session Chairmen: Y. Hiwatari, I.M. de Schepper
14:30-14:50 T. Bryk, Lviv, Ukraine
I. Mryglod
Origin of kinetic collective excitations in pure and binary liquids
14:50-15:10 G.I. Gaididey, Kyiv, Ukraine
M.U. Bely, and V.P. Sakun
Short-range order effects in complex fluids and their manifestation in vibrational spectra of aqueous electrolyte solutions
15:10-15:30 A.Zvelindovski, Delft, The Netherlands
Block copolymer systems under shear flow
15:30-15:50 I. Omelyan, Lviv, Ukraine
I. Mryglod, and R. Folk
Molecular dynamics of magnetic liquids: Collective excitations in a Heisenberg ferrofluid
15:50-16:10 N.E. Kornienko, Kyiv, Ukraine
Transverse-longitudinal split up of acoustic and optical modes of hydrogen bonds system of water
16:10-16:30 S. Odinaev, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
A. Dodarbekov
To statistical theory of viscoelastic properties of electrolyte solutions
16:30-16:55 Coffee Break
Session Chairmen: A. Chialvo, M. Telo da Gama
16:55-17:15 Yu.Kalyuzhnyi, Lviv, Ukraine
Analytical treatment of the fluids of chain molecules
17:15-17:35 J. Stafiej, Warsaw, Poland
D. di Caprio, and J.P. Badiali
Field statistical approach to electrolyte solutions at charged walls
15:35-17:55 A.Trokymchuk, Lviv, Ukraine
M.Gonzalez, and J.Alejandre
Computer simulation of interfaces in complex fluids
17:55-18:15 T. Kahlbaum, Wildau, Germany
Effective-potential approach to the equilibrium properties of low-density quantum plasma
18:15-18:35 A. Vegiri, Athens, Greece
C.P.E. Varsamis, and E.I. Kamitsos
A molecular dynamic study of local structure in Li-doped borate glasses
         Section II. Phase Transitions & Critical Phenomena (14:30-18:35)
Session Chairmen: A.V. Chalyi, W.Schröer
14:30-14:50 A.D. Alekhin, Kyiv, Ukraine
V.S. Sperkach, and O.I. Bilous
The definition of the critical determinator of viscosity
14:50-15:10 L.Z. Boshkov, Odesa, Ukraine
Global phase diagrams and the boundary states method as tools for thermodynamic modelling
15:10-15:30 A. Ciach, Warsaw, Poland
G. Stell
Effect of competition between coulombic and dispersion forced on critical and the tricritical points
15:30-15:50 Yu. Holovatch, Lviv, Ukraine
V. Blavats'ka, and C. von Ferber
Polymers in media with long-range-correlated quenched disorder
15:50-16:10 A.I. Karasevskii, Kyiv, Ukraine
V.V. Lubashenko
Melting of solids and microstructure of melts
16:10-16:30 V.V. Klepko, Kyiv, Ukraine
L.A. Bulavin
On the problem of critical phenomena for solutions of the flexible macromolecules
16:30-16:55 Coffee break
Session Chairmen: C. von Ferber, M.P. Kozlovskii
16:55-17:15 O. Patsahan, Lviv, Ukraine
R. Melnyk, and M. Kozlovskii
Non-universal critical properties of a symmetrical binary fluid mixture
17:15-17:35 V.A. Pipich, Kyiv, Ukraine
L.A. Bulavin, and A.V. Oleinikova
The analysis of shear viscosity critical anomaly in a ternary critical mixture 3-methylpyridine+heavy water+NaCl near the lower critical consolute point
17:35-17:55 R.O. Sokolovskii, Lviv, Ukraine
R.R. Levitskii, and T.G. Sokolovska
Lattice fluids in an external orienting field
17:55-18:15 V. Tretyak, Lviv, Ukraine
A. Duviryak, and A. Nazarenko
Classical relativistic system of N charges. Hamiltonian description, forms of dynamics, and partition function
18:15-18:35 O. Derhzko, Lviv, Ukraine
V. Myhal
Nonuniform atomic fluid in  the electric field. Gradient apprximation
            Section III. Liquid crystals  (14:30 -16:55)
Session Chairmen: P.I.Fomin, P.P.J.M. Schram
14:30-14:50 V. Reshetnyak, Kyiv, Ukraine
O. Buluy, A. Glushchenko, and Yu. Reznikov
Magnetically controlled anchoring of ferro-nematic liquid crystals
14:50-15:10 V.Sorokin, Kyiv, Ukraine
Physics and technology of cholesteric reflective LCD
15:10-15:30 O. Yaroshchuk, Kyiv, Ukraine
A. Glushchenko, Yu. Reznikov, and V. Reshetnyak
Filled liquid crystals: electrooptical properties and structural peculiarities
15:30-15:50 O.I. Gerasimov, Odesa, Ukraine
G. Nicolis, N.N. Khudyntsev, and T.V. Harina
Fluctuational dynamics and the structure factor of nonlinear reactive systems on a 1D lattice
15:50-16:10 V.M.Tkachuk, Lviv, Ukraine
Motion of the electron in the magnetic field of straight current and supersymmetry
16:30-16:55 Coffee Break
         Section III. Quantum systems (16:55 -18:35)
Session Chairmen: J.K. Freericks, M.D.Miller
16:55-17:15 V.M.Loktev, Kyiv, Ukraine
Nature of structurelessness of the oxygen beta-phase optical absorption bands
17:15-17:35 A.M. Shvaika, Lviv, Ukraine
Strong coupling Hartree-Fock approximation in the dynamical mean-field theory
17:35-17:55 Yu.Z. Kovdrya, Kharkiv, Ukraine
V.A. Nikolaenko, and S.P. Gladchenko
Quantum effects in carrier transport and in magnetotransport in a
one-dimensional electron system over superfluid helium under conditions of localization
17:55-18:15 V. Ignatyuk, Lviv, Ukraine
Collective excitations spectrum of semiquantum 4He: quasihydrodynamic domain
18:15-18:35 S.I. Vilchynskyy, Kyiv, Ukraine
E.A. Pashitskii, and S.V. Mashkevich
On the role of pair condesate and second sound in mechanism of superfluidity of Bose-liquid 4He
18:35-19:30 Dinner
19:30-21:30 Poster Session 
Session Chairmen: Yu.V. Kalyuzhnyi, H. Krienke, E. Lomba, M. Müller, I.M. Mryglod, 
                             I.P. Pinkevich, A.G. Zagorodny
Wednesday, 30 August, 2000

Morning Plenary Session 9:00 - 13:30

Session Chairmen: A.S. Bakai, L.L.Lee
9:00-9:30 D. Henderson, Provo, USA
Anomalies in the electrochemical interface of an electrolyte near its critical point
9:30-10:00 P.I. Fomin, Kyiv, Ukraine
Band theory of superfluid helium-II
10:00-10:30 M.D. Miller, Pullman, USA
R.H. Anderson
Properties of 3He-4He superfluid films
10:30-11:00 Yu.K.Rudavskii, Lviv., Ukraine
O.F.Batsevych, I.M.Mryglod, M.V.Tokarchuk
Hydrodynamic time correlation functions for a liquid mixture of magentic and nonmagnetic particles
11:00-11:25 Coffee Break
Session Chairmen: L. Blum, R. Folk
11:25-11:55 E. Lomba, Madrid, Spain
An integral equation approach to orientational phase transitions in two and three dimensional disordered systems
11:55-12:25 F. Hirata, Okazaki, Japan
Song-Ho Chong
Collective excitations and ion dynamics in water studied by the RISM theory coupled with a generalized Langevin equation
12:25-12:55 M. Zoppi, Firenze, Italy
E. Guarini, M. Celli, and U. Bafile
The microscopic structure of liquid hydrogens
12:55-13:25 I.P. Pinkevich, Kyiv, Ukraine
M.F. Lednei, and T.R. Sluckin
Rayleigh-Gans theory of light scattering by liquid crystals filled with cylindrical particles
13:25-14:30 Lunch
Afternoon Plenary Session 14:30 - 19:00
Session Chairmen: M.F.Holovko, P.A.Monson
14:30-15:00 M. Schick, Seattle, USA
Self assembly of biological lipids
15:00-15:30 M.T. da Gama, Lisboa, Portugal
The theory of self - assembling fluids: application to strongly dipolar systems
15:30-16:00 I.V. Stasyuk, Lviv, Ukraine
An approximate analytical approach in dynamical mean field theory of strongly correlated electron systems
16:00-16:30 H. Krienke, Regensburg, Germany
Molecular interactions in polar solvents and their influence on ion solvation and association
16:30-16:55 Coffee break
Session Chairmen: L.A.Bulavin, M. Schick
16:55-17:25 N.N.Bogolubov Jr., Moscow, Russia
Hartree-Fock-Bogolubov approximation for some models with four-fermion interaction
17:25-17:55 A.A. Chialvo, Knoxwille, USA
Solvation in hydrothermal systems: building a molecular bridge over hot water
17:55-18:25 A.G.Zagorodny, Kyiv, Ukraine
P.P.J.M.Schram, A.G.Sitenko, S.A.Trigger
Kinetic theory of dusty plasmas and problems of grain dynamics
18:25-18:55 J.K. Freericks, Georgtown, USA
Raman scattering through ametal-inslulator transition
18:55-20:00 Dinner
20:00-21:30 In-formal Discussions & Round Tables
Thursday, August 31, 2000

Morning Plenary Session 9:00 - 13:30

Session Chairmen: K. Heinzinger, Yu. K. Rudavskii
9:00-9:30 W. Schröer, Bremen, Germany
Criticality in ionic solutions - experiment and Debye-Hückel based models
9:30-10:00 Y. Hiwatari, Kanazawa, Japan
The Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics study for the color rewritable films
10:00-10:30 M.V. Tokarchuk, Lviv, Ukraine
I.R.Yukhnovskii, M.F.Holovko, O.L.Ivankiv, I.V.Stasyuk
On problems of aqueous solutions of radioactive elements in "Shelter" (Chornobyl)
10:30-11:00 C. von Ferber, Dusseldorf, Germany
Polyelectrolyte surfactant systems: Collapse and complex formation
11:00-11:25 Coffee break
Session Chairmen: N.N. Bogolyubiv Jr., P. Piotrowiak
11:25-12:25 E. Hawlicka, Lodz, Poland
D. Swiatla-Wojcik
An effect of charge on solvation in methanol-water mixture
11:55-12:25 P.P.J.M. Schram, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
G.J.F. van Heijst, T.S. Krasnopolskaya, and S.A. Trigger
Models for stress distribution in sandpiles
12:25-12:55 Yu.I.Chutov, Kyiv, Ukraine
Relaxing dusty plasmas
12:55-13:25 F.O. Raineri, Stony Brook, USA
H.L. Friedman
Nonlinear approach to equilibrium and nonequilibrium solvation
13:25-14:00 Poster Session Review  & Closing
14:00-15:00 Lunch

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