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How to use Condensed Matter Physics Online

Abstracts and full texts of the papers in both PostScript and PDF formats are available.

PostScript files are compressed with gzip utility (.gz extension) and can be viewed/printed by means of GSView software even without decompression.

The DOS users can download gzip and tar utilities from our server.
If you do not have the PostScript printer you can view PostScript files and print them using GhostScript utility. It is convenient to use Ghostview or GSview shells for GhostScript.

We recommend GSview/GhostScript software as a universal tool for previewing/printing for both PostScript and PDF formats. For TeXnical reasons in Adobe Acrobat Reader fonts of old issues look ugly on the screen. However, printed versions are fine and indistinguishable from those ones produced by GSview. The problem was fixed recently and now screen preview in Acrobat Reader has a pretty good quality.

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