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Structure / Departments / Department for Statistical Theory of Condensed Systems

Department for Statistical Theory of Condensed Systems

By icmp_admin - Posted on 29 October 2010

Department for Statistical Theory of Condensed SystemsHistorically, the first department of the Institute. Set up in 1969 as a department of the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Lviv. Since that time and until 2006, the head of department was Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Academician of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Igor Rafailovich Yukhnovskii. Today the department is led by Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Mykhailo Kozlovskii. The members of the department are: Doctors of physical and mathematical sciences Yurij Holovatch, Mykola Korynevskii, Mykhailo Shovgeniuk and Ihor Pylyuk; Candidates of physical and mathematical sciences Taras Krokhmalskii, Mykola Shpot, Zoriana Usatenko, Maksym Dudka, Oleksandr Kapikranian, department's secretary Lyudmyla Didukh; two postgraduate students Pavlo Kozak and Roman Romanik.

The head of department is Professor Mykhailo Pavlovych Kozlovskii

The head of the department is Professor Mykhailo Pavlovych Kozlovskii

Born 30.08.1952 in Volyn' region. Graduated from the Physics faculty of Lviv State University in 1974; Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences since 1978, Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences since 1989; Professor since 2005. Domain of scientific interests - theory of phase transitions and critical phenomena. Author of more than 200 scientific publications and co-author of a monograph.

Phone. (032) 2760908; E-mail: mpk[REPLACE_THIS_WITH_AT_SIGN]

Subjects of scientific research:

  • development of analytical methods in the phase transition theory;
  • working out the models for description of phase transitions;
  • studying the critical behavior of constrained systems and spin models with impurities;
  • investigation of properties of one-dimensional quantum spin systems;
  • new methods of digital treatment of optical information for applied problems.

Objects of investigations: magnetic materials, ferroelectrics, polymers of complicated topology, semi-infinite systems, systems with extended defects, complex systems, digital treatment of optical information.

Scientific cooperation

The members of the department carry out joint scientific investigations together with researchers from ukrainian and foreign academic institutions, in particular the Johann Kepler University (Linz, Austria), Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris, France), Henri Poincare University (Nancy, France), University of Leipzig (Germany), Institute of Physics of Szczecin Politechnika (Poland).

Pedagogical activities

The members of the department (Yu. V. Holovatch, M. P. Kozlovskii, M.A. Korynevskii, M. V. Shovgeniuk) deliver lecture courses and supervise students engaged in degree and master theses at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, National University "Lviv Polytechnics", Ukrainian Catholic University, Ukrainian Printing Academy. The leading scientists of the department (Yu. V. Holovatch, M. P. Kozlovskii, M. V. Shovgeniuk) supervise the work of graduate students. Over the last ten years, six PhD theses have been defended by V. B. Blavatska, M. L. Dudka, Yu. M. Kozlovskii, O. Ye. Kapikranian, R.S. Melnyk, O. O. Prytula.

Scientific publications

In the last ten years, the members of the department published the monograph "Microscopic Theory of Phase Transitions in the Three-Dimensional Systems", Lviv, Eurosvit, 2001, 592 pp. by I. R. Yukhovskii, M. P. Kozlovskii, and I. V. Pylyuk, the textbook for higher education schools (universities) "Physical problems and their solutions. Electromagnetism", Lviv, NU "Lviv Polytechnics", 224 pp., 2005 by M.A. Korynevskii. Professor Yu. V. Holovatch edited the first two volumes of the series Order, Disorder and Criticality. Advanced Problems of Phase Transition Theory (World Sientific, Singapore. Vol. 1 - 2004; Vol. 2 - 2007). More than 500 scientific publications have been published during the last ten years, among them 237 are the papers in leading scientific journals. As a result of applied studies, more than 10 patents have been obtained in Ukraine and USA. Among the recent publications, it is worth to distinguish:

  1. O.V.Patsahan, M.P.Kozlovskii, R.S.Melnyk. Non-universal critical properties of a symmetrical binary fluid mixture // Condens. Matter Phys. 4 (2001) 235.
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