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All seminars

Date Department Speaker Affiliation Presentation title
20.06.2019, Thu 15:30 Laboratory for statistical physics of complex systems Ostap Kalyuzhnyi ICMP

Universal properties of the shape and size of the pom-pom polymer

18.06.2019, Tue 11:00 Quantum statistics Volodymyr Krasnov ICMP

The Bose–Fermi–Hubbard model in a reduced Hilbert space

11.06.2019, Tue 16:00 Quantum statistics Taras Krokhmalskyy ICMP

About effect of decoration on the phase transition in the square lattice Ising model

6.06.2019, Thu 15:30 Laboratory for statistical physics of complex systems Martin Rohde University of Innsbruck

Formal and informal networks in NTSh, 1895-1918

5.06.2019, Wed 11:30 Statistical theory of condensed systems Mykola Shpot ICMP

Critical behavior of semi-restricted systems at extraordinary transition

4.06.2019, Tue 11:00 Quantum statistics Oleh Velychko ICMP

Dipole ordering and strain effects in the deformable Blume–Emery–Griffiths model

30.05.2019, Thu 15:30 Laboratory for statistical physics of complex systems Olya Bakay Ukrainian Catholic University

Document Layout Analysis

28.05.2019, Tue 16:00 Quantum statistics Andrij Vdovych ICMP

Influence of longitudinal electric field and hydrostatic pressure on dielectric properties of CsH2PO4 ferroelectric

23.05.2019, Thu 15:30 Лабораторія статистичної фізики складних систем Ярина Кордуба Український Католицький Університет

Мережі громадського транспорту: топологічні особливості та аналіз стійкості

23.05.2019, Thu 15:30 Laboratory for statistical physics of complex systems Yaryna Korduba Ukrainian Catholic University

Public transport networks: topological features and stability analysis

21.05.2019, Tue 11:00 Quantum statistics Alexander Molnar Uzhhorod National University

Relaxation phenomena in crystals of phosphorus-containing chalcogenides with different types of dipole ordering

16.05.2019, Thu 11:30 Laboratory for statistical physics of complex systems Yulian Honchar National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Laws of scaling in the thermal denaturation of DNA

14.05.2019, Tue 10:00 Quantum statistics Igor Karnaukhov G.V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics of the NAS of Ukraine

The quantum Hall effect: a bright demonstration of topological states in the physics of condensed matter. The Hofstadter model

25.04.2019, Thu 11:00 Statistical theory of condensed systems Petro Sarkanych ICMP

Universality in complex systems: partition function zeros and complex networks

23.04.2019, Tue 16:00 Quantum statistics Yuriy Eliyashevskyy Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Magnetoelectric interaction in the NH2(CH3)2Al1−xCrx(SO4)2·6H2O crystal

22.04.2019, Mon 13:30 Department of soft matter theory Volodymyr Shmotolokha ICMP

Generalization of the Van der Waals equation for anisotropic fluids in a disordered porous medium

18.04.2019, Thu 15:30 Laboratory for statistical physics of complex systems Maxym Dudka ICMP

Description of the reaction-diffusion process in a two species system

16.04.2019, Tue 16:00 Quantum statistics Oleg Derzhko ICMP

Experimental observation of a localized magnon crystal in a kagome material (group of prof. Z. Hiroi, Nature Communications, March 15, 2019) and new challenges for theoreticians

11.04.2019, Thu 15:30 Laboratory for statistical physics of complex systems Olesya Mryglod ICMP

'Historical' scientometry in the context of the analysis of conference data. 43 years of history of 'MECO' (Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics)

9.04.2019, Tue 11:00 Quantum statistics Taras Hutak ICMP

Low-temperature peculiarities of the decorated one-dimensional Ising chains