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2016-2017: Systematization of high school journals based on scientometrical studies (in collaboration with Vlokh Institute of Physical Optics)

2014-2017: FP7-PEOPLE,  IRSES project N612669
"Structure and Evolution of Complex Systems with Applications in Physics and Life Sciences" (STREVCOMS)
2013-2017: COST Action TD1210
"Analyzing the dynamics of information and knowledge landscapes - KNOWSCAPE"
International doctoral college “Statistical Physics of Complex Systems
2014-2017: FP7-PEOPLE,  IRSES project N612707
"Dynamics of and in Complex Systems" (DIONICOS)
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2011-2016: FP7-PEOPLE,  IRSES project N295302
"Statistical Physics in Diverse Realizations" (SPIDER)
2011-2015: FP7-PEOPLE,  IRSES project N269139
"Dynamics and Cooperative Phenomena in Complex Physical and Biological Media" (DCP-PHYSBIO).
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 2012-2014: Alexander von Humboldt Research Group Linkage Partnership with the Institute for Theoretical Physics  (Leipzig University, Germany)
2012-2014:  Наукова робота за відомчою тематикою "Розробка концепції формування сегменту видавничої продукції НАН України в електронному середовищі" (у співпраці з ВД "Академперіодика")
2011-2012: Bilateral Austro-Ukrainian project M/270-2012
(with the Section for Science of Complex Systems, Medizinische Universität Wien) "Scientometrics: quantitative
approach to social phenomenа"
2009-2010: Bilateral Franco-Ukrainian project M-67-2009
(with the Group of Statistical Physics, Université Henry Poincaré Nancy) "Phase transitions in two-dimensional systems under realistic conditions"
2008-2013: COST Action MP0801 "Physics of Competition and Conflicts"