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All-institute seminars

All-institute seminars

Date Department Speaker Affiliation Presentation title
4.06.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP O. Kalyuzhnyi ICMP

Properties of form of the branched polymers

28.05.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP M. Hvozd ICMP

Ionic fluids in anisotropic solvents: thermodynamic properties and phase behavior in the bulk and in a disordered porous medium

21.05.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP Yu. Dublenych ICMP

Microscopic models and phase behaviour of intercalated structures

14.05.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP V. Shmotolokha ICMP

Influence of porous medium on termodynamics properties and phase behaviour of anisotropic fluids

30.04.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP I. Kravtsiv ICMP

Soft-core fluid with competing interactions in the bulk and in contact with a hard wall

12.03.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP Askold Duviryak ICMP

Integrating models of two particles in de Sitter space

27.02.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP M.Kozlovskii ICMP

Compressibility and phase behavior of a cell fluid model

13.02.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP Yu. Kalyuzhnyi ICMP

Modelling of self-assembly effects in aqueous solutions of immunoglobulins

30.01.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP A.Shvaika ICMP

Time-resolved spectroscopy of strongly correlated electron systems

16.01.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP Yu.Yaremko ICMP

An electric dipole in electromagnetic field

19.12.2019, Thu 11:00 ICMP M. Dudka ICMP

Self-averaging in two-dimensional Izing model with disorder near critical point

5.12.2019, Thu 11:00 ICMP M.Tokarchuk ICMP

To the generalized hydrodynamics of quantum bose superfluid

21.11.2019, Thu 11:00 ICMP O. Derzhko ICMP

Frustrated quantum spin systems

7.11.2019, Thu 11:00 ICMP V. Ignatyuk ICMP

Dynamic correlations in open quantum systems: projecting operators technique vs. NSO method

7.12.2017, Thu 10:00 ICMP A.P. Seitsonen Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France

Spectroscopic vibrational properties from simulations: Example of liquid water

28.09.2017, Thu 10:00 ICMP prof. Vikhrenko V. Belarusian State Technological University

Statistical description of solid electrolyte systems

9.02.2017, Thu 10:00 ICMP Prof. Jozef Strecka Universytet Pavla Jozefa Shafaryka u Koshytcjakh

A brief account of exactly solved Ising and Ising-Heisenberg models

19.01.2017, Thu 10:00 ICMP G.Skorobagatko Dahlem Center for Complex Quantum Systems, Free University of Berlin

Quantum-limited detectors: the concept and many-body effects

9.12.2016, Fri 15:00 ICMP prof. V. Karas National Science Center Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Nonequilibrium kinetics of the electron–phonon subsystem of a crystal under the action of alternating electric and magnetic fields as a basis for electroplastic and magnetoplastic effects

20.10.2016, Thu 10:00 ICMP James Freericks Professor of Physics and McDevitt Chair, Department of Physics, Georgetown University, Washington DC

Realizing Feynman's Dream of a Quantum Simulator