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Seminar "Statistical physics of complex systems"

Seminar "Statistical physics of complex systems"

Place: ICMP сonference hall
Time: every Thursday, 15:30

06.05 - Casimir forces for the perfect and imperfect Bose gases in anisotropic optical lattices - Pawel Jakubczyk

13.05 - MECO46

20.05 - Ising lectures 2021

27.05 - Distributions of nucleotide sequences in mtDNA and viral RNA - Andrij Rovenchak

03.06 - Phase behavior of a cell fluid model with Curie-Weiss interaction - Oksana Dobush

10.06 - Scaling above upper critical dimension and dangerous irrelevant variables - Yulian Honchar

17.06 -  Modeling the processes of the infection spreading taking into account the spatial heterogeneity and mobility of the population (the series "Epidemiology for complex systems") - Taras Patsahan

24.06 - Superionic liquids in slit nanopores: Bethe-lattice approximation - Maxym Dudka
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