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Department for Theory of Nonequilibrium Processes

Department for Theory of Nonequilibrium Processes

By Guest - Posted on 15 March 2010

Department for theory of nonequilibrium processesThe department was created in 1995 based on the laboratory for theory of nonequilibrium processes in liquids and plasma which entered the department for theory of solutions. The department is headed by dr.sci., prof. Mykhailo Tokarchuk. Since its creation, the department participate actively in the investigation connected with Chornobyl problems. Staff of the department consist of 2 doctor of science (Mykhailo Tokarchuk, Ihor Omelyan) 3 philosophy doctor (Petro Hlushak, Stepan Hlushak, Dmytro Portnyagin), 2 junior researchers (Vasyl' Palchykov, Bohdan Markiv) 2 engineer-researchers (Yulia Chernomorets', Andrij Vasylenko)

Head of the department is prof. Mykhailo Vasylyovych Tokarchuk

Head of the department is prof. Mykhailo Vasylyovych Tokarchuk

Was born on November 3, 1956 in Broshniv, Ivano-Frankivska region. Graduated from the Lviv university (1980). In 1986 defended his thesis (scientific edvisor prof. D.N.Zubarev), doctor of science (1994), professor (2000), head of the department since 1995. Laureate of the S.I.Pekar prize of the NAS of Ukraine (2003). In 2006 was awarded with charter of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Author of about 200 scientific papers.

Phone.: (032) 2707401; E-mail: mtok[REPLACE_THIS_WITH_AT_SIGN]

Fields of research

  • a consistent description of kinetics and hydrodynamics of dense gasses, liquids, and plasma;
  • generalized hydrodynamics of dipole and magnetic liquids and their mixtures in external fields;
  • reverse osmosis processes of ion and electrolyte solution molecules transport through a membrane structures and porous media;
  • reaction-diffusion processes in spatialy inhomogeneous "gass - adsorbate - metal" and "electolyte - porous electrode" systems taking into account processes of ions intercalation into an electrode matrix;
  • investigation of nonequilibrium processes in aqueous solutions of radioactive elements: hydrolysis, radiolysis, interaction of fuel-containing masses with water;
  • reaction-diffusion theory of radionuclides migration in soil and groundwater, as well as, sorption of radionuclides by ferrocyanide sorbent at a clay matrix;
  • nonequilibrium processes within generalized Renyi and Tsallis statistics.

Objects of study simple, ionic, dipole and magnetic liquids, their mixtures; electrolyte solutions in porous media; plasma; aqueous solutions of radioactive elements electrolytes; fuel-containing materials.

Scientific collaboration

Department employees perform joint research with employees of other scientific institutions in Ukraine and abroad, in particular, National University "Lvivska Politekhnika". Good scientific contacts are established with scientists from the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Linz (Austria, prof. R.Folk group); Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants (dr.sci. A.Zhydkov group); Moscow state institute of radio engineering, Electronics and Automation (prof. V.Morozov group).

Educational activity

M.V.Tokarchuk gives lectures at The department of Applied Mathematics of National University "Lvivska Politekhnika".

Scientific publications:

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