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The list of references to the articles in the media, where our results are discussed:

  • Report about starting collaboration with the National Linguistic University (Kyiv) in the Bulletin of Ukrainian Association of Cognitive Linguistics and Poetics, June 2018;






  • About the research of members of L4 collaboration in 'Zbruch': Battle of Clontarf as complex network 




  • Interview with Olesya Mryglod in 'Zbruch'


  • Our paper has been selected as the noteworthy article by the Editors of Phys. Lett. A and is featured on Twitter.



  • Interview with Yurij Holovatch in 'Zbruch'




  • Recent lecture about cities as complex systems, portal 'Zbruch'


  • The paper was selected for PUBLISHER'S PICK of JPA. The interwie is here

Radio Skovoroda

Ising lectures 2016.


  • Recent lecture about physics and humanities, portal 'Zbruch'