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Seminar "Statistical physics of complex systems"

Place: ICMP сonference hall
Time: every Thursday, 15:30 EET

03.11 - Consensus decision-making: a model and some results - Petro Sarkanych

10.11 - Diffusion processes in the vicinity of topological defects - Andy Manapany

17.11 - Cooperative phenomena, scaling and formation of structures in models of reaction-diffusion processes - Dmytro Shapoval

24.11 - Persistent homology as an alternative for analyzing networks embedded in metric spaces: application to the Cosmic Web - Maksym Tsizh

01.12 - Study of the Blume-Capel model using partition function zeros - Leïla Moueddene

08.12 - Swarm robotics: Where robotics meet complexity - Mohsen Raoufi

15.12 - Kirwan’s Thoughts: Not Only On Magnetism - Reinhard Folk

22.12 - The density functional method in the description of polymers: a review of some articles and an attempt to use it - Khristina Haydukivska



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